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Thread: How to get through the Dreamfall caves easily

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    How to get through the Dreamfall caves easily

    1. Turn the first statue's disc 3 times.
    2. Go down the stairs and trigger the Grubber cutscene.
    3. When the Grubber walks away get out of hiding and take a left.
    4. Turn the second statue's disc 1 time.
    5. Go back to your original hiding place and wait for the Grubber to return.
    6. When the Grubber has walk past you take the right passage.
    7. Turn the third statue's disc 3 times.
    8. Walk further into the passage and collapse the broken wall.
    9. Go up the stairs. Turn right until you reach the first tunnel on the left hand side which containing the last statue.
    10. Turn the disc 3 times.
    11. Go back to the tunnel you came from and continue forwards until you come to the room with the sarcophagus
    12. After you've picked up the egg go back the way you came.
    13. Place the egg on the gate in the room April fell into.

    I've done it this way since my second playthrough and I haven't had a problem with this area since. Hope the same will be true for the people reading this.

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    I used an old save on my second playthrough and skipped that part entirely.

    Really, though, that's great advice. Thanks for sharing!
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    It's a useful guide considering how many had troubles with this section.

    To be honest, I actually enjoyed it
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    One of the most interesting aspects of the game, this portion. Useful advice
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    I vaguely recall figuring out a path similar to this one on my second playthrough of DF, after I whole bunch of botched attempts to avoid getting spotted. I never wrote it down, however, so good job recording it for the rest of us, Masked Geek Girl.

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    Better than the fly you fool philosophy ;-)
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    I didn't mind this sequence as much as others.
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    Thanks for posting this! I also usually skip it with another save, because this part just gives me the creeps. Somehow I can't enjoy it properly with an ugly monster running at me There's also that puzzle in the cave where you have to recreate a tune to proceed, now that one made me feel so dumb for not figuring out the solution!
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    This part of the game gave me a lot of trouble. I didn't have the patience for the hiding and sneaking for the first few tries. XD

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    This is by far my least favourite part of Dreamfall. The hiding wasn't even that bad, but I managed to utterly lose my orientation in those caverns and ended up walking in circles numerous times. Eventally, I just lost patience and googled a walkthrough to lead me through the caverns...

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    I'm currently replaying DF and I stumbled across that puzzle monday, and I had no problem to do so. But I really had to look up in the walkthrough for two parts a little before that: first how to enter the room (wait long on the right side and then run after the creature) and then how to enter the second room (hide and use focus to view - even if I could see everything without focus that did not worked).

    This is the second time I'm playing DF and the first time I play it in the correct order. You see some years ago I played DF and after that I figured out that it's a sequel I played TLJ. now, using the correct order, I see many things from TLJ in DF but I didn't made many of the connection when played in wrong order.

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    This was honestly the only part of Dreamfall I didn't enjoy as much as the rest of it. And not because of the puzzle, but because of the camera angles snagging on the enclosed space. If it had been a little bigger it would have been fine, but they seem to have made it so small because of the size of the creatures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jecica View Post
    There's also that puzzle in the cave where you have to recreate a tune to proceed, now that one made me feel so dumb for not figuring out the solution!
    That one was annoying because once I understood the concept I could find no way to turn the egg thing off and back on again in order to hear the tune. After I'd done it the first time I wandered around so by the time I got to the puzzle I'd forgotten there was a tune to remember!

    Maybe there's a way to trigger it again? Anyway, I just used a FAQ and swore under my breath
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